Custom Websites

Our specialty is building custom websites. Websmart has produced hundreds of customized websites over the past two decades. Our customers tell us they do not want to be like everyone else.

One size does NOT fit all

You have better things to do with your time, like running your business, than to try and figure out how to make your website work for you. No time to fight and fuss with "one-size-fits-all" systems that can be awkward and don't go out of their way to help you. Custom development offers so many more options than the cookie-cutter sites giving you more opportunities to get the most out of your investment. In the long-term, custom gives you far more flexibility and protection and you won't waste your time (and money) on things that won't work for long anyway.

One of the things we do is dig deeper, looking at how to build your site so that sustaining it is not a burdensome chore for staff that already have plenty on their plates! We analyze the workflow behind the scenes, the processes involved in getting content to the site, data management, document management etc and build your content management to suit those needs. Then upating the content becomes a matter of logging in, filling a couple of forms and then done in a few minutes - not hours and hours trying to resize an image, manipulate code or even decide what kind of content to include! Our custom modules, based on your requirements, (designed by you), do all the heavy lifting for you.

A word about content management

Content management (CMS) is one of those buzz words associated with websites. It refers mainly to software or a system that allows almost anyone to update content on a website. Managing your content is more than a system, it is more than WordPress, Drupal, Wix and the hundres of other ones available. None of those programs will do the job for you. 

True content management is the ability to communicate effectively across a dynamic medium. It is the knowledge of why things work the way they do, it's knowing how to use the technology correctly, and it's presenting your product or service in a way that reaches users.  

Constant change

The one constant with being online is change. Programs change, codes change, new ideas come along. It's difficult to anticipate the next great thing or next great web site tool. Your advantage with Websmart  is that our custom sites can survive these changes longer than most because of their adaptability. As we build our sites based on industry standards, the very framework of the world wide web, our core is more sustainable over a longer period of time. You do not have to re-invent your website every three years if you build it well the first time.


The great thing about custom websites is the flexibility. Our sites are not tied into some higher level structure that limits your creativity - no glass ceilings to break through. If the site needs to do something out of the ordinary, let's give it a try!