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About Websmart Sites™

Websmart Sites™ are a premium product that organizations and businesses use  to have a creative and functional website quickly and economically.     
One person businesses, small and mid sized operations  benefit from the experience and tools we provide with our Websmart Sites™.
Smaller operations don't need the hassle of large, bulky and complex systems  or a myriad of dis-matched apps and templates like in WordPress or Drupal for a handful of pages.

Websmart 's skill, knowledge and experience from 3 decades in web site design and marketing have resulted in a method and a platform that is great for our clients and now our  'smart site'  has the tools needed without a learning curve so you are quickly on track.

Predesigned site templates, content blocks and proprietary onboard apps are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into the site.
websmart Site™

Choose a block, put in your information, customize elements like colour or size, graphics and done. You don't have to design things from scratch or figure out how to fill the space, the platform has that all looked after.

Who is this for?

For anyone who does not need (or want) the overwhelming bells and whistles (and learning curve) of big frameworks and dashboards for smaller projects.  A focused, feature rich, website that is easy (and fun)  to look after.
  1. One Person Businesses
    For those who need a website presence but don't have the budget to hire agencies or spend time forcing themselves to learn how to do it themselves.
  2. Professionals
    Lawyers, doctors, counsellors, authors, consultants etc who work on their own - need to be online and want to be able to update their content easily, even from their phones! 
  3. Small Organizations
    Groups that lack staff, budget and time to learn new platforms and systems only to make minor changes to content or post a blog. 
  4. Small Online Shops
    Those needing a small online store with payments  - our site builder comes with an easy to set up e-commerce module that can use the major payment gateways.  No big costly shopping carts, just something simple and easy to use.

    and more...

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Quick Overview

Take three minutes and see this overview video of the editor/builder itself to get an idea of some of the rich features that are onboard.

Onboard Apps

In addition to some amazing content blocks, our CMS/Site Builder comes with a variety of onboard plug ins that are easy to use.  No mismatched plug ins or apps from developers who disappear.   
Items marked with  * require Websmart help to configure. 
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video
  • Location Map
  • FAQ
  • Audio Player
  • Blog
  • Slider
  • Newsletter
  • Mobile options
  • Shopping Cart*
  • Knowledge Base
  • Events Calendar
  • File downloads
  • Logo creator
  • Poll/Survey
  • Access to free stock images from Pixabay and an onboard image editor
  • and more via third party apps*
Websmart Inc.
is a website design and management company near Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Operating since 1996 we have personally built hundreds of websites across a wide range of sectors, each adding a unique perspective to our experience. Websmart is a one person operation so you deal directly with the owner/creator/designer, not a faceless entity who cares very little for your needs.

The core of our business model is fostering excellent relationships with our clients, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years.

Need a more complex website?

Websmart WebSites™ is just one of the services we offer.  Websmart Inc designs and manages custom websites with dynamic programming, database integration and a greater depth of resources and applications. We would love to talk to you about what is possible for your project.

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